Etch with Safety...Etch Ecologically.

Non toxic printmaking is the goal of all artists in this field today.Etching is a wonderful 500 year old tradition, its is an art form worthy of maintenance and propagation. However, acid based etching is starting to be restricted all over the world because of its danger to the health of the artist as well as potential damage to the environment. The ElectroEtch method uses very low voltage direct current as the etching agent. This non toxic printmaking method is absolutely safe and ecologically sound . No dangerous or explosive gases are ever generated or present. It permits limitless working and reworking of zinc and copper plates using the traditional as well as non traditional image creation techniques. To see how the results compare to acid, click on the boxes labeled "Comparison Plates" on the left, and then on "Comparison Tables" to see how it is done. You too, should look forward to using new non toxic printmaking methods while looking back to preserving the old traditions.